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Josina Pumani

Josina Pumani

Josina Pumani is a Pitjantjatjara woman, born in Mimili in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of far north-west South Australia. Josina’sfather is Shannon Kantji, a senior Yankunytjatjara leader, and her mother, Kunmanara Ngupulya Pumani, and grandmother, Kunmanara Milatjari Pumani, were two of the founders of Mimili Maku Arts. Both women taught Josina cultural leadership and about their strong connection with their country, Antara. 

Josina Pumani began painting in 2009 and soon after became an arts worker at Mimili Maku Arts. She assisted the senior artists during this time, learning from her Elders whilst developing skills in canvas preparation and studio support.

In 2015, Josina moved to Adelaide to further her education but following her mother Kunmanara Ngupulya Pumani’s passing in 2019, she moved back to Mimili to build on the cultural leadership displayed by her mother, supporting her local community and reconnecting with her art practice.

In 2021, Alcaston Gallery presented Josina Pumani’s first solo exhibition, alongside work by her aunt, Betty Kuntiwa Pumani, cousin, Marina Pumani Brown and late mother, Kunmanara Ngupulya Pumani in the exhibition Nganampa Walytja, Antara.

Josina Pumani’s work reflects the painting style she learnt from generations of women in her family, and today she is one of Mimili Maku’s brightest rising stars.

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