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Kawita Vatanajyankur

Kawita Vatanajyankur

Thai-Australian artist Kawita Vatanajyankur's work has been described as "alluring, thought-provoking and centred on making visible the invisible workforce with an acute sense of social justice”. Vatanajyankur creates works that offer a powerful examination of the psychological, social and cultural ways of viewing and valuing the continuing challenges of women’s everyday labour. In her staged performances, Vatanajyankur undertakes physical experiments that playfully, often painfully, test her body’s limits - a challenge that is both unavoidably compelling and uncomfortable to watch. The alluring, luminous colours in Vatanajyankur’s work are distinctive of the artists' aesthetic and tap into a globalized and digitally networked visual language of consumption and instant gratification. 

Vatanajyankur’s exploration of everyday and domestic work is particularly telling of her Thai homeland. A place where, for many, daily chores aren’t always assisted by electronic contraptions or white goods but are instead - time-consuming, physically exhausting, and often the task of women. The videos’ happy, day-glow colours, dark humour and undercurrents of violence, however, bring a universality and contemporary currency to the historical trajectory of feminist art. 

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

2018 Squeezers, Flint Institute of Arts: Fleckenstein Video Gallery, Michigan, USA

2018 The Scale 2, Flint Institute of Arts: Fleckenstein Video Gallery, Michigan, USA

2018  The Scale of Justice, Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, Australia

2017 Splashed, Nova Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 Work, Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2016 Machinized, Stills Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2015 Tools, The Jam Factory, Bangkok, Thailand  

2015 The Carrying Pole, Screen Space, Melbourne, Australia  

2014 The Ice Shaver, Sencus Luoghi per l'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy

2013 The Ice Shaver, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP), Melbourne, Australia

2012  Domesticated, Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, Australia 

Selected Prize and Awards

2016 Winner of Young Alumni Community Engagement Award 2016 

2016 Finalist of Australian Alumni Awards 2016

2015 Finalist of Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize 2015

Kawita is represented by:Alamak! Project Clear Edition& Gallery, Tokyo, JapanNova Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

Image details:  Kawita Vatanajyankur, The Scale of Justice, 2016, from Machinized, single channel HD video, 2:32 minutes. Courtesy of the artist and Nova Contemporary Bangkok and Alamak! Project / Clear Edition & Gallery, Tokyo.