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Sandy Brumby

18-Feb-2014 - 14-Mar-2014

Alcaston Gallery presents a selection of new paintings by senior artist SANDY BRUMBY, as one of the most sought after artists from the APY Lands, South Australia.


18 FEBRUARY - 14 MARCH 2014 Born circa 1930 in Victory Downs, an outstation near Pukatja, Ernabella, Sandy Brumby only discovered his passion for painting when he reached his sixties. Yet, in his relatively short career he has already caught the attention high profile collectors and major art institutions alike, with his works having been acquired by significant public collections, including the National Gallery of Victoria and Queensland Art Gallery. In this exhibition of small yet strong paintings, Sandy Brumby displays a unique approach in telling his story, as well as a strong connection to his country and his culture. His artworks are raw and bold, with thick applications of paint and a distinct use of palette, revealing his love for colour and composition.


07-Jul-2015 - 31-Jul-2015
AK18115 email.jpg

Alcaston Gallery is delighted to announce that the National Gallery of Victoria | Australia will be staging a significant exhibition of new ceramics by the Hermannsburg Potters from 19 September 2015

The National Gallery of Victoria has commissioned The Hermannsburg Potters to create 20 ceramic pots depicting Aussie Rules community football and iconic AFL moments for Aboriginal players for a special exhibition to be held in their Indigenous Galleries, NGV Level Three, Federation Square later this year. The Potters have also made a major and significant ceramic model of the ‘old Hermannsburg mission’ for the NGV which will be a centrepiece in the display.

To celebrate the announcement of this significant exhibition, Alcaston Gallery is excited to present a hand-picked selection of outstanding Hermannsburg ceramics on sale for one month with genuine price reductions .The sale online will support the Potters to come to Melbourne in September and also their assistance in teaching young people at Hermannsburg their pot-making skills.

The Hermannsburg Potters have produced an amazing and distinctive artistic legacy over 25 years which celebrates their spiritual affinity with place, records the rich and complex history of Hermannsburg, and continues to empower them to express their cultural identity through art-making. The potters are world-renowned as Master ceramicists and their work is held in major Australian Institutions and art collections internationally. Alcaston Gallery has supported the Potters from their inception and are so proud of them and their achievements.

Click here to read more about the Hermannsburg Potters and their exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in the latest edition of Gallery Magazine.

For more information and to preview this exhibition please contact Alcaston Gallery on 03 9418 6444 or email


05-Jul-2016 - 06-Aug-2016


24-Jan-2017 - 25-Feb-2017

Alcaston Gallery presents a significant survey exhibition of paintings and masterly ceramics by artists from across the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of South Australia to launch our 2017 exhibition year.  This exhibition highlights the diversity of individual emerging and senior artists currently working at APY Lands art centres, and provides a platform for artists new to the Alcaston Gallery exhibiting stable. Subtlety and power ebb and flow in this collection of major artworks, showcasing the knowledge and creative vision of the artists; their lives and stories deeply embedded in country and culture.

 Representing artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands, South Australia for over a decade Alcaston Gallery is excited to continue showcasing the art from the region, and support the development of their continuing careers.  

Image: Betty Kuntiwa Pumani, Antara, 2016, synthetic polymer paint on linen, 197 x 197 cm. 



© The artist, Mimili Maku Arts and Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne. 



22-Mar-2016 - 30-Apr-2016

Provenance in the world of fine art and collecting is arguably the most important and valuable aspect of information. We have seen the consequences played out very publicly in recent times, when provenance is lacking; causing accusation, innuendo or simply false documentation. It is an essential tool for any serious collector, curator, institution, and fundamental for the reputation and success of auction houses or re-sellers.

Provenance Does Matter presents artworks with impeccable provenance in the true meaning of the word: a direct, chronologically unbroken link from the current owner back to the artwork’s artist or author. In the case of Provenance Does Matter, each artwork has had the added prestige of being selected by a committee to be exhibited in an eminent prize, biennale, or selected by an institution for a major exhibition on loan from the artist. The artist, on these occasions, submits an artwork that represents the very best of their practice.

Kaiadilt Women Pencil, Paint, Paper - Seascapes of Bentinck Island

16-Jan-2014 - 14-Feb-2014

Alcaston Gallery is proud to present an exciting new exhibition by Kaiadilt artists: Sally Gabori, Netta Loogatha & Elsie Gabori. VIEW EXHIBITION CATALOGUE


'Desert River Sea: Portraits of the Kimberley' at the Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Desert River Sea project finishes with an outstanding exhibition sharing the vibrant contemporary…

Review in The Monthly: Noŋgirrŋa Marawili’s exhibition 'From My Heart and Mind' at AGNSW

Review: Noŋgirrŋa Marawili’s exhibition 'From My Heart and Mind' at AGNSW in The Monthly online by Tristen Harwood 

(Published 6 February 2019)


Nonggirrnga Marawili: from my heart and mind

Nonggirrnga Marawili is regarded as one of the most important artists working at Buku-Larrnggay Mulka at Yirrkala in the Northern Territory.…

From Bark to Neon: Indigenous Art from the NGV Collection

From Bark to Neon: Indigenous Art from the NGV Collection celebrates Indigenous art in Australia. 


Congratulations to Shirley Macnamara and UQ Art Museum on the opening of 'Layered Threads',


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