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Alcaston – a Melbourne art gallery with a unique world view

In Australia , Melbourne has always moved to its own creative rhythm, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the vibrant Melbourne art gallery scene. As home to a flourishing gallery culture that showcases everything from Old Masters to contemporary works by artists including international artists, the city holds its own as a fount of visual and conceptual creativity. This is manifested through more than 100 Melbourne galleries, from large public institutions to independent outlets and artists’ cooperatives. In particular, for those with an interest in ground-breaking new work, the numerous art galleries in Melbourne showcasing  contemporary art practitioners are a strong draw card; in fact, the city houses one of the world’s highest densities of commercial galleries.

A landmark of Fitzroy’s artistic hub

And then, a short walking distance out of the CBD and highly distinguished among the galleries of Melbourne, there is Alcaston Gallery. Boasting a national and international focus and exhibition schedule, this highly regarded gallery has a unique remit to showcase contemporary Australian and Aboriginal artworks, as well as new works from the emerging international art markets of the Asia Pacific region.

Located in the hip, culturally rich and creatively immersive environs of Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Alcaston is a unique Melbourne art gallery that draws on the locality’s rich artistic culture, while keeping a clear view of the wider world. On its doorstep is a streetscape that thrums with life from the local café, restaurant and boutique scene, while also gaining creative sustenance from its proximity to Melbourne’s CBD. Step inside and other worlds, both geographical and conceptual, become accessible.

Expertise in Aboriginal art + contemporary art

Another distinction among the galleries of Melbourne is Alcaston Gallery’s enduring expertise. Having first opened its doors in 1989, its reputation has thrived ever since, driven by the passion and vision of gallery founder and director Beverly Knight. An ardent backer of indigenous and contemporary artists, Beverly has amassed more than three decades of experience and knowledge since establishing Alcaston, earning a profile as a foremost expert in Australian Aboriginal art.

Alcaston Gallery’s enduring commitment in this area has grown its reputation as the preeminent art gallery of Melbourne representing contemporary indigenous, Australian, and international artists. As the driving force behind one of the foremost commercial art galleries in Melbourne, Beverly and her dedicated curatorial staff see it as their mission to support important and emerging artists by bringing their work into sharp focus across the widest audiences possible.

“Also key to our mission is maintaining and developing personal relationships with collectors, institutional curators and art lovers, both real and virtual,” Beverly says. “We’re very proud of this Melbourne art gallery’s role in forging strong pathways for artistic practice and financial reward in an intensely competitive international market, without compromising the political and cultural aspects of an artist’s work.”

In particular, Alcaston is committed to providing assistance and direction to artists in light of the demands of the twenty-first century, in which the virtual, digital world has proven a significant game changer.

“Essentially the core of our business is to bring artists and collectors together around the world in a way that works effectively in the modern context and benefits all parties,” says Beverly.


Ray Ken, Kulata Tjuta – Many Spears: Weapons for the Soldiers 2017

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