Services Valuations

Alcaston Gallery can provide formal insurance valuations and asset appraisals.

Beverly Knight is a registered Commonwealth of Australia Valuer, and is approved to value Aboriginal paintings, ceramics, sculpture, textiles and artefacts, including Hermannsburg watercolours for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts program. 

Her valuations are considered expert advice and are an integral part of Alcaston Gallery business. Rates for valuations are based on the time and effort to research current market conditions and achievable sale prices. Valuations can be for insurance purposes including irreplaceable value, sale (i.e. current market value) and gift/estate planning.  Quotes for valuations vary according to art work provenance, sales history and images or sighting actual works to be considered. 

Off the cuff valuations are not given. Authentication of art works is a different process to a valuation and Beverly Knight reserves the right not to value or authenticate art works with insecure provenance.   

Valuations can be obtained by submitting copies of all documentation in hard copy form to:


Beverly Knight

Alcaston Gallery

11 Brunswick Street 

Fitzroy Vic 3065 



A valuation is not an authentication of an object or work.  Authentication is an entirely different process. 


The types of documentation required are:

  • copies of invoice 
  • community issued documentation 
  • gallery issued documentation 
  • record of date purchased
  • catalogue reference numbers  
  • photographs

Alcaston Gallery can provide:

  • Insurance valuations
  • Asset Appraisals
  • Valuations for benefaction under the Cultural Gifts Program and Cultural Bequests Program for the Taxation incentives for the Arts Scheme. If you would like to know more about this taxation benefit – contact us or visit the Cultural Gifts website.

Individual and written valuations are provided for a fee from AUD$175. Valuations of whole collections are charged as per quote.